Week of Nov 3 – Nov 7.

Hi All,

There will be a little bit of creative lesson planning this week as there is NO SCHOOL for you on Tuesday. Ms McEvoy and I will be at Lexington Learns Professional Development. We are facilitating a discussion on technology and education!

Class 1 we will:

1. Check in on understanding: THREE TYPES OF IRONY.

2. Review bottom portion of: http://www.hasd.org/faculty/ThomasKraus/Us%20and%20Them.pdf

3. Return to “Nothing Gold Can Stay”. We’ll watch this clip from the Outsiders to jog our memory.

4. / HW:

R&A: “Woodstock”, “Big Yellow Taxi”, & “Nothing But Flowers” –> How do these songs exemplify the golden age. Use the internet to help you delve more deeply into these songs and the artists who wrote them.

Also: Review new participation rubric. How are you doing?