September 29 – October 3.

CLASS 1: Odysseus as a Journey Hero.

  1. Vocabulary for Archetype packet.

Recommended that you make a Quizlet to help you study. Quiz Friday.

  1. The Odyssey. We will review. You will read and annotate it for homework. It is on page 80 in your archetype packet.

CLASS 2: What makes a Journey Hero?

Students will review: How is Odysseus heroic? How is he similar to other journey heroes we have studied? What are his positive and negative traits?

  1. Students will then read and annotate: The Hobbit excerpt and the Superman article. What students do not complete in class will be homework.

Students also need to study vocab words for Friday’s quiz.

CLASS 3:   Understanding the Mentor Archetype.


Students will develop an understanding of the mentor archetype and how the character functions in a story. Students will also practice annotation and close reading.

  1. Watch and follow along with these videos:

Lessons from Mentors in films:

  1. Begin to Read and Annotate “The Cave” by Jean McCord. Finish for HW. Study for vocab quiz tomorrow.

CLASS 4: Vocab Skills & Analyzing “The Cave” mentor.

  1. After the quiz, begin reading comprehension questions for “The Cave”.

HW: Read and Annotate “Prometheus” for Monday.


Class #1 HW – the balcony scene!

Use this link to the text to help you understand this scene.

Watch how Romeo’s opening lines are performed here:

What is the mood of this scene? How is this kind of talking “so Romeo”?

Now watch this longer clip of 2.2. How does this Romeo act a bit differently? Which one do you like better? What’s your impression of Juliet here? Has her character changed since the first scene when we met her? How so?

This is an old timey show. Old folks reference it as an American staple.
What’s your opinion of how he discusses the play?

Andy Griffith

– what does he say a soliloquy is?

Last part

Use this :

To help you……

…….fill this out!