Friday, October 17 Class

objective: Students will deepen their understanding of the scapegoat archetype by analyzing “Catching Hell” and preparing for Socratic Seminar.

1. Bartman Article. 

2. 10 Years Later, Bartman. 

3. 10 Years Later video. 

4. Buckner returns to Fenway. 

5. Buckner Special: Behind the Bag.

& Prep for discussion. What do these events say about human nature? What do they say about sports fans – or is this not just a problem in sports? What are we supposed to gain from understanding these events more fully?

HW: In addition to preparing for your Socratic Seminar, please write a 1-2 page, double spaced, personal narrative about an experience you’ve had with scapegoating. First person or third person – your choice. Include strong sensory detail and figurative language. This is a rough draft. Bring to class, either in Google Drive or on paper, for Monday.


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