Flipped Classroom – Day 1 – Act 2, Scene 3.

Hi All, 

Thank you for your hard work on your iMovie projects! I cannot wait to see the final products. 

Reminder: You will be dismissed from class at 12:45 on Thursday. The Romeo and Juliet play will take place in the auditorium and run from 12:55-2:25. All of my students will be seated in the balcony. Please meet me by the art wing so that we can enter the auditorium up there. 



Holy Franciscan Friar! 

Okay, so here’s your charge: Act 2, Scene 3. Romeo is giddy and has just left the Capulet mansion. He runs to see Friar Lawrence. The scene opens with a soliloquy. Please be prepared to discuss why you think Shakespeare chose to have this scene, and our first meeting of the Friar, begin in this way. Now, follow the 4 points below. 

1. Read this: http://www.shakespeare-navigators.com/romeo/T23.html


2. Audio of all of act 2.
Listen to act 2, scene 3.


3.This is a clip from the 2013 (brand new) Romeo and Juliet. See how the Friar is depicted here. What role does the music play/tell the audience? What’s your opinion on that?


4. Study these notes. Take notes on them to help you understand what you have just read. 


Come in with questions, reactions, opinions, and a strong understanding of 2.3! See you soon! 


Mrs B 


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