Doc Scan – assignment and how to


Frustrated?? Need help?? How to for Doc Scan.
Doc Scan HD Directions to use a Document in PDF Expert
(1) Tap lens looking picture. Take a picture of the document you want to use by holding iPad above document and then touching the grey camera button on the side of the screen.
(2) Select the use option
(3) Size it as needed spreading out the yellow box to surround all of the parts of the
document you want to use.
(4) Hit the next button on top right hand corner.
(5) You may at this point brighten or rotate if you need too.
(6) Select the Save button on top right hand corner
(7) Select new document
(8) Reopen document use arrow type icon in top task bar
(9) Select other apps
(10) Select PDF Expert
(11) You may now write on this document using the “T” – It will automatically
save and it will not make copies of this document if you reopen and add any additional information
PDF Expert
1) You can create folders within PDF expert to organize worksheets, notes. Etc.
2) To do this click on the Folder up in the top task bar that has a + on it. It will
automatically ask you to give the folder a name.
3) You can hold down on documents in PDF expert and drag them into folders as
4) You can send the PDF directly to a teacher or email by using the arrow coming
out of the box icon in the top task bar. Make sure you select to send it as a flattened copy otherwise what you added to the document will not appear in the copy the teacher receives.


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