Friday Class!

In class we will do the following!

1. Review the “Alyosha the Pot” questions.

2. We will share out our ThingLinks on the Transformation Archetype! (Cant wait to see them!)

3. IRP TIME!!!

(Also I’ll share out about my conference yesterday and show you the new blog I’m working on for ya!)


Begin to study for the Archetype Test by making TWO Thinglinks!

1- Teach us about the Quest Archetype (dont do Hero’s Journey, though!)

2. Teach us about the Golden Age Archetype

THURSDAY – I’m out! You’re in!

Hi guys,

This is the message I sent in for my sub plans. Check them out! Create the Thinglinks! Help eachother! I know you can do this. 🙂


Mrs B

See what I’m up to at the conference here:


HI There!

Thank you for covering my classes today! My kids should work well on their ipads all through class. Please lock the ipad cart at the end of the block. You can leave it where it is! If you have any trouble, a student can help you.

Please direct students to the my blog to read the following information.

Students should:

Go to from their safari browser.

Click Start Now and create a Basic FREE personal account.

Use your school gmail to login.

Spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the features of Thinglink.

Hit create.

Create a THINGLINK image that exemplifies the Transformation Archetype. This Thinglink will be used to teach yourselves and your fellow students about the archetype. It will help you prepare for the Archetype test as well.

You may either find and image online that you think exemplies Transformation or you CREATE one in Notability and then move it to your camera roll to import as a photo.

Create 5 (minimum) hotspots on the image that teach us more about the content of the image (the Transformation Archetype). Think of how this Thinglink will teach viewers about the transformation archetype! What would make it good?

Those hotspots can link to text, online content, google docs, etc.

Questions? Problems? Email me or tweet at me @mrsbaumsays – Even though I am at the conference I will try to check in with you!

At the end – Move the link to a document in your google drive and then share that document with me.

You may work in pairs if you’d like!

Bring your IRP book for Friday!

See you soon! Thanks for being wonderful!

Mrs Baum

Class 2 of the week/ Wednesday!


Thanks for being so understanding today as Ms. McEvoy and I split the blocks! This let us see you 4x this week instead of just 3!

Today in class we worked on making visual presentations to teach each other about the Golden Age archetype. We will finish them next class. I can’t wait to see them!

We used this Tackk space to review the day’s lesson and goals.

We listened to the following songs while we worked in small groups:

Joni Mitchell. Original – Big Yellow Taxi.

Counting Crows and Vanessa Carlton remix.

Janet Jackson & Q Tip add a beat and adapt the song for modern audience. “Joni Mitchell never lies!”


READ AND ANNOTATE: “The Key Game” by Ida Fink.

Week of Nov 3 – Nov 7.

Hi All,

There will be a little bit of creative lesson planning this week as there is NO SCHOOL for you on Tuesday. Ms McEvoy and I will be at Lexington Learns Professional Development. We are facilitating a discussion on technology and education!

Class 1 we will:

1. Check in on understanding: THREE TYPES OF IRONY.

2. Review bottom portion of:

3. Return to “Nothing Gold Can Stay”. We’ll watch this clip from the Outsiders to jog our memory.

4. / HW:

R&A: “Woodstock”, “Big Yellow Taxi”, & “Nothing But Flowers” –> How do these songs exemplify the golden age. Use the internet to help you delve more deeply into these songs and the artists who wrote them.

Also: Review new participation rubric. How are you doing?